Practice Areas:

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At Fowlerton Law Firm, we firmly believe in facilitating dispute resolution in a manner that ensures efficiency while safeguarding your interests and preserving value.

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience, we adeptly present effective remedies tailored to our clients’ unique circumstances. To provide comprehensive solutions, we harness the expertise of various practice areas within our firm, including corporate and commercial, restructuring and insolvency, intellectual property, criminal law, and property and conveyancing. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to tackle complex disputes from all angles and deliver optimal outcomes.

Recognizing the global nature of business and disputes, we collaborate with lawyers from other jurisdictions to devise strategic resolution strategies for international disputes. Our firm’s international network and alliances enable us to navigate the complexities of cross-border disputes effectively.

In addition to representing clients before all levels of Nigerian courts, our skilled legal professionals are accomplished negotiators who guide clients towards swift and efficient resolutions. We are strong advocates for alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, which can offer more amicable and expedient outcomes.

With considerable experience in handling domestic and international arbitration proceedings, mediation, and negotiations, Fowlerton Law Firm is well-equipped to represent your interests in diverse dispute resolution scenarios. Some of our lawyers are also empanelled as arbitrators/mediators with leading institutional bodies, attesting to our expertise and credibility in this domain.

By choosing Fowlerton Law Firm, you gain a dedicated team of legal professionals committed to securing the best possible results while maintaining a focus on efficiency, collaboration, and protecting your rights throughout the dispute resolution process.