Practice Areas:

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

At Fowlerton Law Firm, we understand that bankruptcy and insolvency can pose significant challenges, regardless of the size of your business — be it a trillion-dollar conglomerate or a small enterprise. That’s why we offer the guidance of skilled bankruptcy lawyers to help you navigate these complex situations and find amenable solutions.

Our expertise at Fowlerton Law lies in providing practical and strategic advice that maximizes value for our clients in a sustainable manner. We are renowned for our ability to blend solid technical knowledge with a commercial and proactive approach to address the legal challenges that arise in bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

As a leading legal team in Nigeria, we have extensive experience handling both contentious and non-contentious aspects of insolvency and restructuring. Our track record includes successfully managing some of the most intricate restructuring matters while safeguarding the rights of stakeholders involved.

Over the years, we have provided expert advice to a diverse range of clients, including lenders, trustees, companies, and liquidators. Our services encompass various aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency, including assisting with bankruptcy applications, judicial management applications, and winding-up proceedings. Additionally, we have acted on behalf of liquidators to recover funds resulting from undue preferences, insolvent fraudulent trading, and other breaches by the company.

At Fowlerton Law Firm, we are committed to standing by your side during challenging times, offering strategic counsel and reliable representation to protect your interests and explore viable solutions. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust us to navigate the complexities of bankruptcy and insolvency while working towards the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders involved.